Top 11 ChatGPT Plugins For Earning Money

You can find plugins that support you with daily tasks like creating quick websites and reducing the cost of groceries. Additionally, the general population uses more sophisticated plugins to generate income. The top 11 ChatGPT plugins listed below for your viewing pleasure.

Here are Top 11 ChatGPT Plugins:

  • Prompt Perfect
  • All In One SEO
  • Formidable Forms
  • Bing Search
  • Link Reader
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Polygon
  • Zapier
  • Code Interpreter
  • Video Insights
  • Stories

1. Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect is hailed as one of the top ChatGPT plugins by users all over the internet. This is because it enables you to create cues that ChatGPT will respond to more effectively.

This plugin can be useful if you use ChatGPT to write emails, articles, marketing campaigns, or social media posts. With fewer edits or interventions on your part, ChatGPT can produce superior content or outlines.

How Do You Access Chat GPT Plus Plugins?

You need to sign up to Chat GPT Plus in order to use a Chat GPT plugin. When you find the plugin, you want to try, go to the Plugin Store and click the green install button.

Top 11 ChatGPT Plugins

You won’t be able to access plugins if you’re using ChatGPT through the mobile app. However, you can use Chrome on your phone to browse ChatGPT and do so while installing plugins.

2. All-In-One SEO (Top 11 ChatGPT Plugins)

AIOSEO, the All-in-One SEO ChatGPT Plugin, is useful for SEO experts and online marketers. WordPress is compatible with this plugin. AIO SEO will produce post titles or meta descriptions that optimized. Additionally, it may provide real-time SEO analytics and locate broken links.

If you’re serious about SEO, the ChatGPT plugin, which has over 3 million active installations and a rating of 4.7 stars, is worth a try.

3. Formidable Forms

If you create websites using forms, Formidable Forms has just made your job simpler and quicker, allowing you to earn more money. ChatGPT is integrated into your WordPress website using Formidable Forms. For improved engagement, it will function as a virtual assistant that can respond to inquiries and offer customer support in real time.

4. Bing Search

The Bing Search plugin, one of the first ChatGPT plugins, enables ChatGPT to connect to the Web using the Bing search engine. Post-2021, you can use it for fact-checking and current information. On its own, ChatGPT can only access data that uploaded in 2021 or earlier.

5. Link Reader

You can use Link Reader if you’re a writer who needs to summarize a website or an article. Use Link Reader to keep up with trending topics and other hot topics. As a result, you may produce relevant social media content for yourself or your clients.

Link Reader is a flexible and useful plugin that can read PDFs, PPTs, Pictures, Word documents, and other online content.

6. Wolfram Alpha

One of the Top 11 ChatGPT Plugins for data analysis is the Wolfram ChatGPT plugin. Visualizations for music, arithmetic, anatomy, genealogy, and other subjects are all possible. It can also help you build a family tree and provide real-time visualizations and graphical analysis while analyzing investment trends.

In order to increase your income, Wolfram Alpha is probably able to assist you in producing visuals and photos that you may sell or use for personal research.

7. Polygon

For investors specifically, Polygon provides current market data and highlights patterns in stocks, options, FX, and cryptocurrency investments. The Polygon website issues a warning that ChatGPT Plus might not display all of the data due to the enormous volume of investment-related data available. Additionally, it can be prone to hallucinations or give incorrect replies. It can, however, greatly streamline your investment analysis.

Before using this plugin, you should be aware that investments might be risky whether or not AI is used to help.

8. Zapier

The Zapier ChatGPT Plugin will be useful to business executives, virtual assistants, and anyone who collaborates with a team. The plugin enables communication between ChatGPT and a number of productivity applications, such as Slack and Google Drive.

The plugin streamlines workflows and helps you save time by enabling task automation right within ChatGPT. Within more than 5,000 apps, Zapier can carry out 50,000 activities. Emails may be written and sent, databases can be searched, contacts can be added, and much more. Project managers, sales and marketing teams, and other professionals should be aware of this plugin.

9. Code Interpreter

OpenAI developed the ChatGPT plugin called Code Interpreter. You can use it to edit Python code, build visualizations, transform data, and finish statistical analysis.

It can recognize faces and objects and extract text from photographs using its computer vision abilities. This has practical uses in the real world in addition to being useful for tagging on social media and e-commerce platforms.

10. Video Insights

The plugin for viewing videos and providing summaries or synopses is called Video Insights. This plugin can be useful if you’re making content for YouTube or Dailymotion shows, posting news story transcripts, or categorizing and labeling shows for a website.

Additionally, it might generate metadata like views, likes, comments, and even demographics about the viewers. This can help you monitor the effectiveness of your content and tweak your video campaign for more success and revenue. However, sources caution that this metadata may not always be accurate.

11. Stories

Have you ever wanted to write children’s books? Using the Stories plugin for ChatGPT Plus from, you may create and distribute children’s books. With particular names and settings, the story can be made more distinctive. We get completely illustrated stories.

You may change up the narratives, pick fresh pictures, and even publish the book on Amazon.

To sum up

Smart businesspeople and professionals will instead learn how to use AI to simplify their jobs so they can generate more money more quickly, in contrast to the widespread fears that programs like ChatGPT will displace human workers from their occupations.

If you’re interested in beginning a business or finding ways to increase the profitability of your current business, the intriguing plugins discussed above provide numerous money-making chances.


Here are some of the most commonly requested questions about ChatGPT plugins and their responses.

What plugins are available for ChatGPT?

For ChatGPT, there are many plugins available. It may be a plugin that can help if you want to manage a specific task. On the ChatGPT website, they are available in the Plugin Store.

Is ChatGPT still free?

Yes, all people can still use the free version. You still have full access to the chatbot with the free plan. The free plan’s disadvantages include the fact that you won’t have access to the bot during times of heavy demand and won’t have the most recent updates, such as GPT-4.

Are ChatGPT plugins good?

It shouldn’t be surprise that some ChatGPT plugins are good and some are bad given the availability of over 550 different options. Like any app, not all plugins function as intended or serve their intended purpose. Some do, though.
To choose which plugins will work best for you, read the reviews for them in the Plugin Store and experiment with a few different plugins.

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